Turnkey Crematoriums

How it works:

You decide what size building, cremation chamber (human or pet), siding, roofing, and accessories you require.


Cremation Systems:

  • Supplies your prefabricated crematorium complete with cremation chamber and optional accessories
  • Provides installation of your crematorium, complete with lighting, electrical outlets, work station and lift table on customer-prepared site
  • Coordinates utility connections to the preinstalled exterior hook-up locations

Now you are ready for business.


Why purchase a Turnkey Crematorium from Cremation Systems?

  • Complete and controlled manufacturing process and design from start to finish
  • No business interruption during construction
  • All steel, welded frame, non combustible construction in a quality controlled factory environment
  • Third-party code inspection service completed during the manufacturing process
  • No weather-related construction delays
  • All critical components delivered in your finished crematorium, on time and within budget


How can you take advantage of the Turnkey Crematorium?

Contact Cremation Systems for your free design consultation and proposal.


Cremation Systems has developed a revolutionary construction concept to simplify the addition of a crematorium to your existing death care business. Providing cremation services to your valued customers does not have to be complicated, time consuming or costly. Your new Cremation Systems Turnkey Crematorium is a complete packaged system that is fully installed and operational, with minimal disruption to your everyday business.

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